Publication of Interfaces 50, with a special issue entitled “Re-Scale: The Art and Culture of Size and Scale”

Posted on January 19, 2024

Publication of Interfaces 50, with a special issue entitled “Re-Scale: The Art and Culture of Size and Scale” edited by Martine Beugnet, Clémence Folléa, Ariane Hudelet, Eliane de Larminat et Catherine Wheatley (King’s College London).

With contributions about painting and graphic arts, photography, film and video, video games and immersive environments, this special issue brings together written articles and video essays that explore the ways in which the production, circulation and reception of images involves “rescaling” the visible, radically transforming our perception and experience of the world in visual, spatial and temporal terms. The issue also includes thematically relevant book reviews.


Interfaces 50


Maurice A. Geracht

A Story of Interfaces – 1990-2023 


Re-Scale: The Art and Culture of Size and Scale


Martine Beugnet et Catherine Wheatley



Anne-Valérie Dulac

Exchanging Royal Portraits Between France and England in the 1570s: The Politics of Scale 


Tomáš Dvořák

Miniature at Large 


Martin Charvát

Re-Scaling Labour: From Gilbreth’s Motion Efficiency Study to Harun Farocki’s Operational Images 


Tiago de Luca

On Roma‘s Monumentality 


Benjamin Campion

Gus Van Sant et l’intimisme du très gros plan dans Boss 


Johannes Binotto

capricorn sunset [a constellation] 


Margaret C. Flinn

The Contemporary Nature Films of Jacques Perrin and Environmental Scale 


Matthias Grotkopp

Tipping the scales. The Interfering Worlds of Anthropocene: The Human Epoch 


Clémence Folléa

Everything (2017): Aesthetics and Politics of Re-Scaling as a Video Game Mechanic 


Sheung Yiu

Spotting a Tree from a Pixel: A Creator’s Statement 


Julien Nègre

A Giant Map You Cannot Touch: The Problematic Scale and Elusive Materiality of Digitized Ancient Maps in Virtual Reality 




Quentin Nerinckx

De « Petite Planète » à « Petite Planète/villes ». Évolutions et mutations touristiques d’une collection de portraits de pays aux Éditions du Seuil 


Book reviews:


Anastasia Rostan

Zachary Horton, The Cosmic Zoom. Scale, Knowledge and Mediation 


Matthieu Couteau

Mary Ann Doane, Bigger Than Life. The Close-Up and Scale in the Cinema 


Sarah Benedyczuk

Parikka Jussi, et Thomas Dvořák, dir. Photography Off the Scale: Technologies and Theories of the Mass Image