Writing History from the Margins

This trans-axis research project is meant to bring together at some stage the research activities of researchers from three SPC teams (LARCA, Pleiade, CREW). It originates in a project funded by the SPC IDEX which focused primarily on African-American historians and North-American slave narratives. This new EHDLM project is broader in its scope as it encompasses more English-speaking areas (the British isles, the former British empire) and is open to all the periods covered by researchers in LARCA (from the XVIth to the XXIst century).

Playing on the various meanings of “margins”, and “the writing of history”, this trans-axis project resonates with current debates on the evolution of the historical discipline in France and how it should be open to the non-western world, as well as on the connections between history and other disciplines. Our common and collaborative research will be fueled by critical thinking, partly inspired by post-colonial philosophy, and we will constantly confront centers and peripheries, those who are dominated and those who dominate, elite and popular culture, literature and history, in a deliberate attempt to deconstruct categories and hierarchies so as to free our gaze and our knowledge of our research objects, thus boosting our research activity. Between 2019 and 2023, the project activities will be articulated around a common seminar, a conference on historical fiction, a conference on “Oriental Voices”, and symposia on black historians, past and present, hailing from the Americas or Africa.

Coordination :

Marie-Jeanne Rossignol

Pour en savoir plus, consulter le carnet de recherche Marges, histoires et mondes anglophones XVIIe-XXIe.

Seminars :