TERRA Foundation

The Larca enjoys a close partnership with the Terra Foundation.  

Based in Chicago, the Foundation is dedicated to the study and promotion of American art. It supports exhibitions, study programs, and international exchange programs for academics and curators.

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At the Terra Foundation Paris Center, students and academics have access to Europe’s only research library devoted exclusively to American art. The Paris Center is the hub of the Foundation’s European activities, fostering a rich dialogue on the visual arts of the United States through academic programs, institutional partnerships, exhibition and publication programs.

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Terra Foundation grants and partnerships accessible to Larca members

Immersion Programs in the USA

An exceptional opportunity: a Larca PhD or M2 student spends one semester in an American university thanks to a research and travel grant.

The partner universities include: Graduate Center, CUNY, University of Pennsylvania , University of Southern California, University of Delaware, Harvard University , University of California Santa Barbara, Yale University…

The programs aims are to allow promising graduate students, specializing in American art history and visual culture:

  • To be introduced to the community of American art historians at U.S. universities
  • To experience American methods of graduate instruction
  • To perfect his/her knowledge of American art history
  • To see firsthand collections of American art not easily accessible in Europe
  • To provide undergraduate and graduate students greater access to cutting-edge research in American historical art and visual culture

Marie-Pierre Burquier, recipient of the Terra Foundation Immersion scholarship

Congratulations to Marie-Pierre Burquier, the new recipient of the Terra Foundation Immersion scholarship. This grant enables a Larca graduate student to attend classes in the Art History department of an American university, followed by research trips to various cities and institutions in the US.

‘I am currently enrolled in the third year of my PhD and my research dissertation focuses on the reappropriation of classic Hollywood imagery in contemporary experimental film practices and video art.

During my stay at the USC Roski School of Art, at the University of Southern California, I’m hoping to dig deeper into North-American experimental cinema and to develop a network of contacts in the US. I’m also planning to visit several archives, such as New-York’s Anthology Film Archive, in order to discover films that revisit classic Hollywood imagery. I’m also looking forward to visiting the Joseph Cornell Study Center in Washington to understand the role played by Hollywood Cinema in the work of the American artist Joseph Cornell. Then, I hope to visit Roger Jacoby archives too, located in the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. Living in the United States will also give me the opportunity to interview project artists I am currently working on and to meet with specialists of my field.’

Post-Doctoral Research and Teaching Fellowship in Paris

A Post-Doctoral specialist in American art spends two years in Paris and teaches Visual Culture seminars open to students from the Masters programs at Université de Paris and Paris-Nanterre.

Jonathan Dentler, the newly appointed Terra Foundation Research and Teaching Fellow for 2020-2022

Congratulations and a warm welcome to Jonathan Dentler, the newly appointed Terra Foundation Research and Teaching Fellow for 2020-2022. He will be teaching a seminar on press photography open to our Masters students.

‘I recently received my Ph.D. from the Department of History at the University of Southern California, where I also earned a Visual Studies Graduate Certificate. My dissertation, “Wired Images: Visual Telecommunications, News Agencies, and the Invention of the World Picture, 1917-1955,” examines wire photography services, a type of press organization that transmitted news images using radio waves and telephone wires. In it, I argue that wire photos helped publics around the world to visualize the way in which they had become connected by massive and otherwise invisible infrastructural systems. I look forward to my time in Paris, and to meeting students and colleagues at the Larca.’


Visiting Professor

The Larca invites a renowned academic who gives a series of seminars and lectures on American art and visual culture.

International Conference

The Terra Foundation Research and Teaching Fellow organizes an international conference or study-day in collaboration with the Larca and Paris-Nanterre University.

18 March 2020: Picturing Tomorrow: Future-directed Imagination in American Art (POSTPONED)