Boundaries of Literature

What do we mean by “literature”? What are the hermeneutic, epistemological, methodological and pedagogical consequences of unbinding literature from its disciplinary confines? The research conducted within FLT, which covers the whole of the English-speaking area from the early modern to the ultra-contemporary, takes literature as an object of inquiry, not as a given.

Because it acknowledges that the literary only partially overlaps with the historically constructed label of “literature,” our research favors transversality and intermediality as well as other modes of what may be called “border thinking.”

To conceive of the literary as a frontier and to think on the border between literature and other modes of representation of, or knowledge about, the world (in particular those of the social sciences, or even of the hard sciences), to think of literature as always enmeshed in the world, is to turn our practice of literature (writing, reading, exegesis) into a locus of critique. As a team of specialists in anglophone literature in France, FLT intends to take advantage of its own border situation to contribute to the ongoing reflection in both the United States and Great Britain on new approaches to anglophone literature, and, more broadly, to the current debate around the practice and theory of literature.


Abigail Lang

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Specialist of postcolonial theory, queer theory, and race. His ongoing research proceeds within the critical field of sexuality and gender, as well as decolonial studies. Beyond non-eurocentric cultural practices, his research aims at developing the links between postcolonial, diasporic and queer literatures and decolonial studies. His monograph is currently under preparation.


Specialist of contemporary English fiction, modern and contemporary art, as well as the history of modern aesthetics. She is currently working on the edition of a volume of essays – New Objects of Visibility – deriving from the collective work of the “Imaginaires contemporains” LARCA seminar. She has just published Matière à réflexion. Du corps politique dans les arts visuels et la littérature britannique contemporains (2018).


Specialist of British literature in the 19th century, illustrated books, and the links between image and text.


Specialist of American poetry in the 19th and 20th centuries, literary theory and translation studies. He currently prepares a monograph on Experimental Form and Subjectivity in Contemporary American Writing.




Specialist of early modern English literature (16th and 17th centuries), more particularly William Shakespeare and contemporary playwrights. She is currently working on early modern women writers like Lady Mary Wroth. She also contributes to the online encyclopedia : “Les objets de la litérrature baroque: littérature et culture matérielle dans les Iles britanniques et la France de la première modernité” and she has just released articles on The Dutchess of Malfi by John Webster.


Specialist of visual studies (cinema, TV series), gender representations, popular culture and American literature. She just published an article entitled « De Cagney and Lacey à Rizzoli & Isles : variations féministes du duo féminin dans la fiction sérielle policière » in the Revue française d’études américaines. She also takes part in the collective volume Frontières du littéraire, working especially on a chapter with Clémence Folléa entitled « Les confins du littéraire : de la scène ouverte aux jeux vidéo, essai de carthographie médiatique ».


Specialist of American literature in the 19th and 20th centuries, English-speaking Canadian literature, drama studies, as well as aesthetics and musicology. He is currently writing a book focusing on the works (operas, oratorios, musicals) of the American composer John Adams. He is also interested in a series of authors whose production combines literature, music and theatre (John Cage, Steve Reich, Stephen Sondheim, Tony Kushner).


Clémence Follea is an Associate Professor at Université Paris Cité, where she teaches literature, film, and video game studies in the Department of Anglophone Studies. In 2016, she completed a PhD on the afterlives of Charles Dickens’s novels – a topic on which she published several articles and book chapters. Her more recent research examines how video games can open up possibilities for narrative, aesthetic, epistemological, and political experimentations, as well ethical experiences.



Specialist of romantic literature, poetics and orientalism. He currently works on a book which explores several traditions leading to the specific form of the romantic ode.



Specialist of modern and contemporary British and Irish drama (Yeats, Auden, Eliot, Becket, Pinter, Stoppard, Kane). He also works on British cultural history in the Interwar period.


Specialist of poetry in the 19th and 21st centuries, American literature, comparative literature, as well as literary translation from French to English. She is currently working on the translation of L’Argent written by Charles Péguy.



She specializes in modernist and contemporary North-American poetry and poetics, focusing on transatlantic exchanges and the material forms of poetry (performance, audio archives). She is a convenor of the Poets & Critics research program and supervises the Archives sonores de poésie research project and online repository. She coordinates LISTEN, a seminar taking a sonic approach to literature, and the Boundaries of Literature seminar.



Catherine Marcangeli specialises in British and American art since the 1950s: quotation and appropriation in painting, happenings and performance art, the notion of total art (art/poetry/music). An exhibition curator, she recently curated First Happenings (ICA) and City Music & City Poems (Whitechapel, London, 2019), and edited the catalogues. She works on poetry since the 1960s, has edited Adrian Henri, Selected and Unpublished (LUP) and curated an archive exhibition on The Mersey Sound at The National Poetry Library, Royal Festival Hall, London. As a translator: she has just published an English translation of Luc Ferrari’s, Complete Works; her French adaptation of Willy Russell’s Educating Rita will be staged in Brussels in 2019.


Édouard Marsoin is a specialist of nineteenth-century US literature. His research interests include the representations and problematizations of pleasure, joy and jouissance in Melville’s fiction, and the connections between dietetics, literature and philosophy in the nineteenth-century United States. He is the author of a book, Melville et l’usage des plaisirs (Sorbonne Université Presses, 2019), and several articles published in journals such as Revue française d’études américaines, Textual PracticeLeviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies, and J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists. He has also contributed to the New Companion to Herman Melville (Wiley-Blackwell, 2022) and guest-edited special issues of Revue française d’études américaines, Textual Practice, and Miranda. His article “‘No Land of Pleasure Unalloyed’: Economies of Pleasure and Pain in Melville’s Typee and Omoo” (J19) has received the 2020 Hennig Cohen Prize from the Melville Society.


Specialist of 16th-17th century literature and drama. She currently works on a book focusing on the theme of fortune in Shakespeare. She is also preparing a translation and critical edition of a French proto-feminist treatise by Marguerite Buffet, Eloges (1668), and works on an article on “Réception du théâtre de 17e siècle dans l’oeuvre de Gordon Craig (1872-1966)”.


Specialist of early modern literature, with a particular focus on drama (Shakespeare and his contemporaries), travel and geographical writing, and the receptions of the image of the East (Ottoman empire and Persia in particular) within the period. Her most recent works include a critical edition of Three Romances of Eastern Conquests (Manchester University Press, 2018) and a collective volume of essays coedited with Claire Gallien, entitled Eastern Resonances in Early Modern England (Palgrave Macmillan, to be published in 2019).



Specialist of British literature and art history. In 2006 he curated an exhibition on English painter William Hogarth for the Louvre, and has written numerous books, including Les paysages absolus (Hazan, 2010) on J.M.W.Turner. He is currently writing a monograph on portrait painter Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830), editing an anthology of artists’ writings entitled Truth and British Art, 1700-1945.


Specialist of American literature, female writers in the 19th century, regionalism, the links between political literature and history, as well as environmental humanities. She recently supervised the writing of a book with Agnès Derail entitled Whitman, feuille à feuille.


Specialist of Victorian literature and culture. Her works combine cultural and aesthetic approaches with nineteenth-century technological and economic contexts, while also focusing on the persistence of Victorian legacies in the contemporary period. Her focus includes Victorian literature and print culture and the persistence of its thought, practices and forms (media adaptation, aesthetic and political borrowings), the effects of capital including the affect and sensibilities which cluster around money and its circulation within Britain and the Empire. She is also interested in the urban space and the life of the city’s inhabitants as well as in Victorian animal, gender or post/decolonial subjectivities.


Specialist of contemporary American literature, especially of American poetry and translation. She recently published an article entitled “A bibliography of Cormac McCarthy’s Works in Translation” in The Cormac McCarthy Journal 17.1, pp. 43-63.





Associate researchers and Doctoral students


Camille Adnot is a Doctor of Université Paris Cité, and a Teaching and Research Fellow at Université Paris-Est Créteil. Her thesis, “‘In midst of Chaos:’ Disorderly Orderings in William Blake’s Illuminated Books,” was supervised by Jean-Marie Fournier, and was defended in 2023. Her research interests include long nineteenth-century poetry and visual art, and the interplay between text and image. She has contributed to collective works such as Inconstances Romantiques (PUN, 2019), Water and Sea in Word and Image (Brill, 2023), and Milton Across Borders and Media (OUP, 2023). She co-hosts “Romanticism Across Borders,” a research seminar which fosters a transversal approach to Romanticism.


She is currently working on her dissertation on paranoid epistemology in Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 and Bleeding Edge, Don DeLillo’s Libra and Running Dog and John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces under the supervision of Antoine Cazé.



Dissertation Topic: A language test : metalinguistic inquiry in French, Russian and North-American poetry (1970-2000)
Supervised  by: Dr Tatiana Victoroff (UR1337, E520, University of Strasbourg)  and Dr Abigail Lang (LARCA, University of Paris)



In 2018, she defended her dissertation entitled « Walkers Evans, Ecrits et Propos. Edition critique », under the supervision of François Brunet and Michel Poivert. She contributed to collective works such as Let Us Now Praise Famous Men at 75, supervised by Michael A. Lofaro or Walker Evans supervised by Clément Chéroux.


Dissertation Topic: Working title: The Paradox of White Innocence in the Works of James Arthur Baldwin
Supervised by: Mathieu Duplay



He is working on his dissertation entitled “Comedy in Music: Victor Borge and the Evolving Status of Classical Music in mid-20th century America”, supervised  by Mathieu Duplay.



She is working on her dissertation in American literature temporarily entitled ‘Mapping Out the First French Reception of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Works in Paris (1830s-1900s),’ which is supervised by Mathieu Duplay.



Yannicke Chupin is currently working on a book project dedicated to the new forms of reflexive writing in contemporary American novels (1990 to 2020).



Pascale Deschamps is working on her dissertation entitled “T. S. Eliot et ses traducteurs : histoire française, raisons et ressorts d’une translation littéraire manquée”, under the supervision of Antoine Cazé.



Felix Duperrier is working on his dissertation entitled “Le langage dans la poésie de William Wordsworth : entre route et déroute”. Supervised by Jean-Marie Fournier.




Thomas Dutoit is currently working on two different book of essays, one entitled Reading Worlds, Geo-writing, studying texts from eighteenth to twenty-first centuries, from Argentina, Canada, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States; the other one studies the importance of the earth in the writings of Jacques Derrida. He is alsow working on a translation and study of the poetry of W. S. Merwin.



  • Dr Célia Galey, postdoctoral researcher

Celia Galey is a lecturer at Université Gustave Eiffel. Her research focuses on twentieth and twenty-first century American poetry, art and performance.




Martin George is working on his dissertation entitled “John Giorno (1936-): Poet and Performer” and supervised by Mathieu Duplay.



She is currently working on her dissertation entitled « Décentrement, discontinuités et ruptures dans la poésie épique de John Milton », under the supervision of Ladan Niayesh.


She is currently working on her dissertation entitled « ‘Stand still, you ever-moving spheres of heaven’: l’espace-temps dans le théâtre de Christopher Marlowe », under the supervision of Ladan Niayesh.



She is working on her dissertation entitled “La place du roman dans l’opéra américain contemporain : réécriture et adaptation”, under the supervision of Antoine Cazé.



She is working on her dissertation entitled “Ineffectual Angel”? Percy Shelley and the event of poetry”, supervised by Pr Jean-Marie Fournier and Sophie Laniel-Musitelli.



Claude Le Fustec is working for her HDR on a dissertation entitled “Avatars du religieux et dimension spirituelle dans la fiction américaine contemporaine”.



She is currently working on her dissertation entitled « L’Amérique à l’épreuve de la mer dans les romans maritimes de James Fenimore Cooper », under the supervision of Cécile Roudeau.



Sara Leuner is working on her dissertation entitled « The Rake’s Progress : contribution to an archeology of predation ». She explores the question of sexual violence through representations of the rake archetype in long eighteenth-century British literature, envisioned as both a literary creation and a marker of social and historical realities. Supervised by Frédéric Ogée.



She is currently working on her dissertation entitled « Géographies de l’utopie : espace et modernité dans la littérature et la culture britanniques, 1880-1920 », under the supervision of Sara Thornton.



Dissertation Topic:  “Right of reversion: representing and restituting mythologies in Native American literature, 1902-2017”
Supervised  by: Cécile Roudeau


She is currently working on her dissertation entitled « Le travail de l’intermédialité dans The Picture of Dorian Gray et ses reprises », under the supervision of Catherine Bernard



She is currently working on her dissertation entitled « Satire, Factionalism and Pro Ministerial Propaganda under Robert Harley, 1710-1717 », under the supervision of Frédéric Ogée and Greg Lynall.



Specialist of Victorian and contemporary literature, the city, networks and technologies in the 19th-21st centuries. Her current work focuses on the imagination linked to opium. She co-organises the seminar “Victorian Persistence”.


Dissertation Topic: David Antin’s poetics of “talking” (poetry and performance, poetry and ordinary language, definition of poetry, among other themes)
Supervised by: Pr Abigail Lang


Doctoral dissertation: ‘A Rock or a Refrigerator. Or a Drag Queen: Materiality and Visual Enactments in the Short Fiction and Periodical Praxis of Donald Barthelme’
Supervised by Professors Cécile Roudeau (Université Paris Cité) and Wojciech Drąg (Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Poland)



Dissertation Topic: “Prosthetic Verse: (Re)Constructed Bodies in Postmodern French Poetry”
Supervised  by: Abigail Lang



Dissertation Topic: ‘Connectedness in Elizabeth Gaskell’s works’
Under the supervision of Jean-Marie Fournier



Dissertation Topic: Exploration of affective relationships between humans and animals in the works of nineteenth-century New England writers (Sarah Orne Jewett, Mary Wilkins Freeman), imagined as a tool of ontological transformation.
Supervised  by:  Cécile Roudeau


She is currently working on her dissertation entitled « Sens, oubli et méandres dans les romans de Charles Dickens et Salman Rushdie », under the supervision of Sara Thornton.


She is currently working on her dissertation focusing on monsters and emotions in Shakespearean drama, under the supervision of Ladan Niayesh. This work carries on from her MA research project which studied monsters and the monstrous in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Othello and The Tempest. This work received the “prix du mémoire de la Société Française Shakespeare” in January 2016.


She is currently working on her dissertation entitled « Voix poétiques d’Edith Sitwell : Formes et enjeux d’une écriture de la relation », under the supervision of Jean-Marie Fournier.