The Periodical Press: From Paper to Digital

The periodical press has a long history encompassing a variety of formats, genres, periodicities, and languages of publication. Already the subject of a rich scholarly literature, newspapers and other periodicals are currently receiving renewed attention thanks to the ongoing digitization of sources and the development of digital tools for studying them. Focusing on periodicals published in English-speaking countries (whether written in English or another language), this research theme combines approaches from history, literature, art history, law, and material culture. It draws upon the skills and research interests of members of LARCA to offer an interdisciplinary perspective on the periodical press over a long time period, and acts as an “idea lab” for exploring digital approaches to the press (a seminar is being planned). Some of the areas of interest, which will lead to conferences and collective publications, include:

  • How to Read a Periodical? Reading Practices Across the Ages
  • The Political Stakes of the Periodical Press: Circulation and Cultural Transfer, Information and Distortion
  • Periodicals as Artefacts


Research seminar : The Periodical Press Seminar