Prévost Stéphanie

Posted on August 29, 2019


Research themes

  • British-Ottoman relations 1790s-1920s; Britain & the Eastern Question
  • Victorian representations of the Orient (political, religious, artistic and literary) and Victorian Orientalism(s)
  • British political parties; foreign policy pressure groups and the vox populi
  • Liberal internationalism/ Liberal humanitarianism / role of the media in humanitarian diplomacy
  • Ideas of Britishness and nationhood and their link to subjecthood & citizenship; British subjects abroad and their protection; Britishness and the identity of immigrant communities
  • ’Government by Journalism’ and especially journalists like William T. Stead (The Northern Echo, The Pall Mall Gazette and The Review of Reviews) or Peter Clayden (The Daily News); the satirical press (in particular Punch)

Current Project

I have been sitting on the board of the  Journal of Liberal History since July 2020. Besides, my research currently branches into two directions:
1/ the foreign-language press as a media phenomenon, where I develop a specific interest in the late 19th-century foreign-language political press, especially the Armenian-language press in London
2/ Connections between the Eastern Question and the emergence of early British Liberal internationalism
Amongst ongoing projects:


  • Communication à l’American Academy of Religion (Boston), November 2020, suite à ma bourse  MWRC-University of Manchester Joint Visiting Research Fellowship (avril-mai 2019 Titre de la communication: Not being past feeling’. Practical Christianity for Ottoman Armenians & International Conciliation (1894-1915)
  • A venir bourse à l’ASH-SSPS Research Fellowship, Institute of Advanced Studies, School of Politics & Social Sciences, Edimbourg (à venir en mai-juin 2021). Titre du projet  ‘British Liberals and the Eastern Question (1896-1915): Conceptualising humanitarian crises and the transnational search for global justice and peace’
  • Co-editing with Bénédicte Deschamps of a 19-contributor volume « The Immigration and Exile Foreign-Language Press in Modern Britain and the US: Comparable (Hi)stories?  », with Bloomsbury Press. Under contract. Forthcoming late 2021.
  • Co-editing with  Bénédicte Deschamps of a special issue of the Media History journal (Taylor & Francis) on: Printing News in English Abroad: A Historical Foreign-Language Press Phenomenon’. Forthcoming early 2022 in print & online.
  • Co-editing with Talar Chahinian (University of California Irvine)  of a special issue of the Etudes arméniennes contemporaines  journal. Title: « La presse de langue arménienne en France et la création d’un espace transnational ». Project following the study day organised at Inalco, 7 November 2019 (
  • couverture
    Aid to Armenia Humanitarianism and intervention from the 1890s to the present Date de publication : 02/06/2020
  • couverture
    Le Touran Entre mythes, orientalisme et constructions identitaires Date de publication : 03/05/2019
  • ‘Humanitarian Accountability: Anglo-American Relief at the time of the Hamidian massacres (1894-8)’, à paraître dans le très attendu ouvrage coordonné par Jo Laycock & Francesca Piana (eds.) Aid to Armenia: Humanitarianism and intervention from the 1890s to the present, Manchester: Manchester University Press, October 2020.
  • “Espaces et processus de politisation de l’humanitaire.  L’Armenian Relief Fund et le National Armenian Relief Committee (1895-1896) : un miroir transatlantique ? “, in : Claire Charlot & Françoise Coste (eds.), Transatlantica, Numéro thématique « Les mots pour le dire. Vocabulaire politique et propagande dans une perspective transatlantique », 2018/2
  • « L’opinion publique britannique et la question arménienne (1889-1896) : Quelles archives pour quel récit ? » in Etudes arméniennes contemporaines, Numéro hiver 2016,
  • ‘“A reformed Buddhism […] would help in the distant future to bring about a mutual understanding”: Max Müller’s conception of religious reform, ecumenical dialogue and world peace’ (co-écrit avec Laurent Dedryvère), in : John Davis & Angus Nicholls (eds.), Friedrich Max Müller and the Role of Philology in Victorian Thought, Londres: Publications of the English Goethe Society, 85:2-3 (septembre 2016), 204-216.
  • ‘New perspectives on the Eastern Question/ Eastern Questions in Late-Victorian Britain, Or How ‘the Eastern Question’ Affected British Politics after 1881’ in : Catherine Delmas & Isabelle Gadoin (eds.), Représentations, « Appellations, définitions », Juin 2015,
  • « Les « abominations ottomanes » dans le discours libéral féminin au Royaume-Uni, (1875-1896) : de la dénonciation au militantisme féministe », in : Myriam-Boussahba-Bravard et Paul Pasteur (dirs.), ‘Les femmes prennent la plume’, Genre & Histoire, n° 14 (printemps 2014),
  • ‘W. T. Stead and the Eastern Question; Or How to Rouse England and Why?’, 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century, Birkbeck, n° 16 (2013),

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