“Language Matters” English language press in France in an Exhibition in Fusac

Posted on November 16, 2017


Why this exhibition ?

Did you know that the French National Library holds almost 6,000 English-language periodicals (including your beloved FUSAC) that have been published in France since the Revolution? Such a large figure may come as a surprise, since these are but too only rarely dealt with in the history of the French press. The titles which are displayed in this exhibition come under the banner of a marginal category, that of the foreign, in this case, English language press. It is defined as periodicals or newspapers written in languages other than the national language(s) – whether de facto or de jure.

Read more : https://www.fusac.fr/english-language-press/

Bénédicte Deschamps & Stéphanie Prévost, Paris Diderot University, LARCA research group
(CNRS research unit UMR 8225).