Claire Denis

Posted on June 24, 2004

Beugnet Martine

Editeur : Manchester University Press

Parution : 24/06/2004

Nombre de pages : 224

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Claire Denis is one of France’s most acclaimed and original filmmakers. Since her remarkable debut success with ‘Chocolat’ (1986), she has produced an impressive series of features which have been intriguing, visually striking, and often highly controversial (including ‘Beau Travail’ (2000) and ‘Trouble Every Day’ (2001)). Beugnet provides a thematic and stylistic framework within which to consider Denis’ work, as well as a comprehensive analysis of individual films. She highlights the resonance of Denis’ films in relation to ongoing debates about French national identity and culture, and issues of postcolonial identity, alienation and transgression, as well as examining their exploration of the interface between sexuality, desire and sensuality. This is an essential introduction to Denis, and a sophisticated and illuminating study of her work to date.

1. Foreignness and the aesthetics of the unsaid
2. Screening exile
3. The mise en scène of desire: Towards a cinema of the senses
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