PhD Thesis Prize Awarded to Andy Cabot (LARCA doctor) by the Foundation for the Remembrance of Slavery

Posted on May 9, 2022

The 2022 PhD Thesis Prize of the Foundation for the Remembrance of Slavery has been awarded to Andy Cabot, LARCA doctor, for his PhD thesis entitled Esclavages, empires et diplomatie (France, Grande-Bretagne, Etats-Unis) : abattre ou consolider l’esclavage dans le monde atlantique après Saint-Domingue (c. 1795-c.1825) ?, defended on January 12, 2021, under the supervision of Marie-Jeanne Rossignol and Allan Potofsky (LARCA).

This thesis offers to connect three processes of slavery abolition – within French, British and American contexts – during a 20-year period that goes from 1791 to 1815, the starting point being the Saint-Domingue revolution which led to Haïti’s independence in 1804.

The study is based on the interstate and intra-imperial – mainland/colonies – political conflicts in all the Caribbean region and offers a renewed perspective on that space. Caribbean and American territories were indeed shaped by the harsh – and incomplete – questioning of an “imperial political economy of slavery” in a period marked by ruptures towards the slavery system and by “counter-revolutions” in favor of slavery. 

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