Corona pastiche de “One Art” d’Elizabeth Bishop par Catherine Mazodier

Publié le 15 octobre 2020

To Part


The art of distance isn’t hard to master;

most greetings seem so empty of intent

loss of a kiss or two is no disaster.


Ditch someone every day. Accept the fluster

of hurt neighbours, the energy unspent.

The art of distance isn’t hard to master.


Then practice fleeing farther, shunning faster:

friends, and family, and who it was you meant

to love again. No one will bring disaster.


I dodged my mother’s ghost. And look! her mask, and

face, both vanished as she went.

The art of distance isn’t hard to master.


I hid from children, loved ones. And, later,

from people I once knew across the continent.

I forgot them, but it wasn’t a disaster.


Even avoiding you (the phony voice, an email

now and then) I shan’t have lied. It’s evident

the art of distance is not too hard to master

though it may sound like (Say it !) like disaster.