« The Promethean Quest for Knowledge in Shelley’s The Triumph of Life » – Francesco   Marchionni   (Durham University) – Séminaire Romanticism Across Borders

Publié le 23 mai 2022

23 mai 2022 - 17 h 30 min - 19 h 00 min

“Romanticism across borders” is an online seminar dedicated to the literature of the Romantic period. It aims to create an international network and a research forum for postgraduate students and early-career researchers around the world and across borders. Our aim is to examine the notion of border in the Romantic era in the widest possible sense, and to see how it resonates with our contemporary situation. While the Covid-19 crisis made international travels difficult, innovative ways of crossing boundaries have been found which enable us to create new links between researchers from across the globe.

This seminar is hosted by Université de Paris (LARCA UMR 8225) and is organized by PhD students Camille Adnot, Félix Duperrier and Pauline Hortolland. It will take place on Zoom from March to May on Mondays, from 5:30pm to 7pm (London time).

Should you like to attend the seminar, please contact

Compte Twitter : @RoAcrossBorders 


March  14:  Madeleine  Armstrong  (University  of  Cambridge):  « The Sublime and the Beautiful in Edmund Burke’s French Revolution »

March    21:    Caroline    Hildrebrandt    (ENS Lyon):   « Les défis de la sécularisation: de la démythologisation dans les écrits de Herman Melville »

April   18:   Dr   Jake   Phipps   (Durham   University):   “The Art of Romantic Distraction: Tam O’Shanter and Peter Bell”

May  9:  Annise  Rogers  (University  of  Lincoln):  “William Blake’s The Four Zoas”

May  16:  Elisa  Cozzi  (University  of  Oxford):  “Irish-Italian  Literary  Networks 1815-1835”

May   23:   Francesco   Marchionni   (Durham University):  « The Promethean Quest for Knowledge in Shelley’s The Triumph of Life »

May 30: Dr Brian E. Rodriguez (University of Missouri): “Romantic Networks”


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