Colloque The Dutch ‘Year of Disaster’, 1672 in European and Global Perspectives : 1 & 2 juillet 2022

Publié le 1 juillet 2022

01 juillet 2022 - Toute la journée

Het Rampjaar 350:

The Dutch ‘Year of Disaster’, 1672 in European and Global Perspectives

A two day, online, colloquium

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NOTE Earlier times below are British Summer Time, later times Central European Summer Time


The invasion of the United Provinces by Louis XIV in 1672 (‘Het Rampjaar’, ‘the year of disaster’ in Dutch memory) has long been examined as a crucial event in the political and cultural history of the Netherlands. Yet it also had an impact across Europe and the world, altering perceptions of the state of Europe, and changing balances in geopolitics. This online symposium will discuss these wider dimensions, examining the significance of 1672 in arenas that stretched far beyond the Netherlands.


Friday 1 July, 2022

12:00/13:00 Welcome and introduction

12:15/13:15 – 13:30/14:30 The Rampjaar and the Netherlands’s neighbours

  • Indravati Félicité: The year 1672 – accelerating the integration of the Holy Roman Empire into the first globalisation
  • Roeland Goorts: Het Rampjaar and Liége


13:45 /14:45 – 15:00/16:00 Ideologies of government in Europe

  • Manuel Herrero Sánchez: The impact of Het Rampjaar on the Hispanic Monarchy – a polycentric imperial structure of urban republics
  • Christopher Storrs: The failure of the assault on republicanism


15:45/16:45 – 17:00/18:00 Globalizing the Rampjaar: 1672 and the Eastern Mediterranean

  • Rosanne Baars and Josephine van den van Bent: Discrediting the Dutch – a French account of the Year of Disaster for Arab Audiences
  • Astrid Ackerman: A European crisis in the late C17th? Het Rampjaar 1672 and Candida 1669


Saturday 2 July

12:00/13:00 – 13:45/14:45 Diplomatic culture in the Rampjaar

  • John Condren: Gli olandesi d’Italia: Louis XIV’s mediation between the Republic of Genoa and the Duke of Savoy, 1672-1673
  • Jacob Schilling: Het Rampjaar 350: Origins and aftermaths of 1672 in European and global perspectives
  • Christina Bravo Lozano: Between political mediation and cultural diplomacy – the image of Manuel Fransciso de Lira in the letters of Huygens (1671-1672)


14:30/15:30 – 16:15/17:15 Constructing the image of the Rampjaar

  • George Satterfield: French responses to Het Rampjaar
  • Gary Evans: 1672 – a contested British legacy
  • Arthur der Weduwen: The first draft of Het Rampjaar – writing the history of 1672 in the seventeenth century


16:30/17:30 – 17:15-18:15 Concluding Discussion