Suffrage Outside Suffragism

Posted on January 3, 2007

Britain 1880-1914

Boussahba-Bravard Myriam

Editeur : Palgrave Macmillan UK

Parution : 03/01/2007

Nombre de pages : 262

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This collection of essays systematically explores how a sample of political groupings not founded on suffrage reacted and accommodated the issue of suffrage within their official discourses and structures. The volume leads to the heart and core of suffragism while examining the dynamics and versatilities of the Edwardian political fabric.

Boussahba-Bravard, Myriam

Women in the Labour Party and Women’s Suffrage
Thane, Pat

The Conservative Party and Women’s Suffrage
Maguire, Lori

Gender, Suffrage and Party: Liberal Women’s Organisations, 1880–1914
Walker, Linda

The National Union of Women Workers and Women’s Suffrage
Bush, Julia

The Women’s Co-operative Guild and Suffrage<
Scott, Gillian

‘To make the world a better place’: Socialist Women and Women’s Suffrage in Bristol, 1910–1920
Hannam, June

The Primrose League and Women’s Suffrage, 1883–1918
Vervaecke, Philippe

Unionised Women Teachers and Women’s Suffrage
Trouvé-Finding, Susan

Avant-garde Women and Women’s Suffrage
Delap, Lucy

  • ‘This is a book that confirms the history of suffrage as a dynamic and challenging field of enquiry which merits attention from all historians of modern British politics. It broadens and deepens our knowledge and appreciation of suffrage activism, highlighting the spectrum of support for female suffrage across and through political and non-political organisations. Suffrage Outside Suffragism brings together a distinguished group of scholars to cast a searching light over the history of suffrage activism and provide a fillip to historians of women, feminism, and politics. It pushes the boundaries of suffrage history, demonstrating how suffrage activity pervaded the politics and culture of Edwardian Britain beyond the suffrage societies themselves’
    – Professor Lynn Abrams, University of Glasgow