Laura Carter (LARCA) elected as Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

Posted on December 10, 2021

Laura Carter has been elected as Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, for her contribution to historical research.

“The majority of the new Fellows hold academic appointments at universities, specialising in a very wide range of fields; but also include broadcasters, biographers, public historians, curators, publishers, journalists and editors. The Society is an international community of historians and our latest intake includes Fellows from Australia, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia, Montenegro, Turkey and the United States.

The new Members also have a wide variety of historical interests, including those employed in universities, and as heraldic scholars, archivists, museum staff and genealogists – together with independent and community historians. All those newly elected to the Fellowship and Membership bring a valuable range of expertise and experience that will help the Society to fulfil its objective of representing the diverse body of those engaged in historical scholarship.” (RHS)


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