Charles-Edouard Levillain awarded the 2021 Descartes-Huygens Prize

Posted on January 7, 2022

On December, 14th 2021 the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science (KNAW) awarded the 2021 Descartes-Huygens Prize  to Pr Charles-Edouard Levillain for his research on the Stadtholder William III and on the Dutch Golden Age. 

Charles-Édouard Levillain teaches Modern British History at Université de Paris and is a member of the LARCA. His main expertise is in political and diplomatic relations between France, England and the Netherlands at the beginning of the modern era.

Commissioned by French editor Perrin, Charles-Édouard Levillain will write a biography of the Stadtholder William III (1650-1702). In the coming years, he will collaborate with researchers of Utrecht University to develop his research. The biography will not only be written for the academia but also made accessible to a larger audience.

Charles-Édouard Levillain works with researchers at Utrecht University since 2002. Together, they launched The Williamite Universe, an international network of researchers working on the history of Europe circa 1700.

Most of Charles-Édouard Levillain’s publications are focused on the history of the end of the Dutch Golden Age. 

The prize was created in 1995 by French and Dutch governments to reward a French and a Dutch researcher for their contribution to French-Dutch cooperation. It will be given to Charles-Edouard Levillain by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science next Spring in Paris. It will also be awarded to bio-physician Maike Hansen for her work on HIV behavior. 

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