McCarthy Louise

Posted on August 25, 2021


Research themes

Dissertation Topic:

  • Visualising abundance: the promotional cartography and literature of the Virginia Company and the East India Company, 1600-1626
    Supervised  by: Ladan Niayesh

Current Project


  • PhD candidate – Université Paris Cité
  • Agrégation
  • MPhil in Early Modern Studies – Université Paris Cité
  • ENS Paris-Saclay

      Conference Papers and Publications:

      • McCarthy, Louise, and Niayesh, Ladan, “Cartography as Propagandist Design: From Company Maps to Virginian Masques (1613-14)”, in XVII-XVIII, 78 (2021)
      • McCarthy, Louise, “Nepthys Zwer et Philippe Rekacewicz, Cartographie radicale: explorations”, in Interfaces, 48, (2022)
      • November 2021: Annual symposium of the Hakluyt Society at the University of Warwick. Paper entitled “Cartographic silence and muted voices: reading the subtexts of British maps of early colonial Virginia (1606-1624)”. Forthcoming chapter in the volume Decolonising Travel Studies (Routledge, History of Travel series) edited by Natalya Din-Kariuki and Guido Van Meersbergen.
      • March 2022: Colloquium “Hormuz 1622”, University of Oxford. Paper entitled “Locating Persia’s “Ormus emporium” in the British imagination before 1622”. Forthcoming article in Renaissance Studies.
      • September 2022: Colloquium “Print and Practice: Spatialising the Early Modern” at the Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies (University of Sheffield). Workshop entitled “Mapping treasures and trade in the English imagination”.