Mathilde Veillet

Posted on February 25, 2022


Research themes

Current Project

PhD thesis: The Making of U.S. policies on strategic technologies under the Obama and Trump administrations

Supervized by François Vergniolle de Chantal (UP) and Isabelle Vagnoux (AMU).

– Master’s degree, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, 2016-2019
– Exchange Student, Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York university, New York, 2017-2018
– Master in International Security, PSIA, Sciences Po Paris, 2019-2021

      – “To Convince and Coerce: American Interference in the Technological Exchanges Between U.S. Allies and China, Études de l’Ifri, February 2022
      – Remarks at the CEIPI conference “Une géopolitique de la propriété intellectuelle : la propriété intellectuelle
      comme enjeu de puissance”, CEIPI,Novembre 17, 2021,
      “L’Amérique de Joe Biden : unité ou division ?”, RAMSES, September 2021
      – “The US-China Trade War: What Is the Outcome after the Trump Presidency?”, co-signed with
      Laurence Nardon, Potomac Paper, n° 40, November 2020
      – “Doing Business in China: European Companies’ Misadventures in the PRC”,co-signed with Laurence Nardon,
      in Technology Strategies in China and the United States, and the Challenges for European Companies,
      Etudes de l’Ifri, October 2020