Lippmann Marielle

Posted on December 23, 2019


Research themes

  • Dissertation Topic:
    Utopian geographies: the local, the global, and the way out (1870-1930)
    Supervised by: Sara Thornton

Current Project

  • Agrégation d’anglais (competitive exam).
  • MA in British literature, Université Paris Diderot.
  • MA in Literary translation, Université Paris Diderot.
      • Domesticity and the Interior in Turn-of-the-century Utopian Fiction. Congrès ‘Victorian and Edwardian Interiors’, 27-28 janvier 2022, SFEVE, Université de Toulouse / en ligne.

      • Terraforming England: the shifting landscapes of Richard Jefferies. Panel ‘Eco-Victorians: Water, Land, and the World’, 30 mai 2021, VSAO/ACCUTE, en ligne.

      • Prosaic Arrangements and Charming Diagrams: the line in the works of Charles Booth and Patrick Geddes. ‘Lines of Labour: Representing the Labouring Body in Victorian Graphic Art’, 24 October 2019, ERIBIA, University of Caen.

      • Discussant. ‘Empire, Souths, Sexualities’ seminar, 29 May 2019, University of Paris.

      • Cheat the Prophet”: Utopian experimentation in early 20th century Britain. Doctoral study day, 28 May 2019, LARCA, University of Paris.

      • “Thinking Machine” and “Shilling Paint Box”: Reimagining the City in the Works of Patrick Geddes and G.K. Chesterton. ‘Writing the City: An experimental practice’ doctoral workshop, 18 April 2019, Institute for Advanced Study, Paris.