Gervais Pierre – 2022-2024

Posted on May 22, 2023


Research themes

  • Early Modern merchant practices
  • 18th-century Atlantic economies
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Political economy of the U.S., 19th-20th c.
  • Accounting history


Research Supervision:

  • At the M.A. level: Economic, social and political history of North America and the U.S., 18th-20th c.
  • Theses in progress: Contrabands in the Civil War; Municipal socialism in Burlington, Vt., 1970s-1980s
  • Thesis defended: Merchant accounting and merchant networks, Philadelphia, 18th c.


Current Project

I am currently finishing a book on Early Modern merchant practices and the consequences one can derive from them concerning the chronology of “capitalist” development. I am also in the process of exploring the legal framework within which these practices were deployed, in a comparative approach covering both Roman law and Common law. I also continue researching preindustrial accounting practices in the Atlantic world.

Education and Academic Positions:

  • 1988, M.A., Princeton University
  • 1993, Ph.D. EHESS, “Independent producers, merchants, craftsmen, farmers, and the rise of the industrial order; the case of Trenton, N.J., 1800-1860”, dir. P. Fridenson
  • 1993-99, Associate Professor, English Department, University Paris 3
  • 1999-2013, Associate Professor, History Department, University Paris 8
  • 2012, HDR, “Of historical discontinuity: Political economy and temporalities, 18th-19th c.”; guarantor: Dominique Margairaz,
  • 2013-present, Full Professor, University Sorbonne-Nouvelle