Cabot Andy

Posted on September 2, 2019


Research themes

  • Dissertation Topic:
    “Slavery, Empires and Diplomacy : France, Great-Britain and the United States in the Atlantic World, (c.1795-c.1815)” 
    thesis defended on January 12, 2021
    Supervised  by: Marie-Jeanne Rossignol (supervisor) and Allan Potofsky (co-supervisor)


Current Project

  • Paris Diderot University-Université de Paris : 2015 – 2021.
    PhD, English and American Studies Department.
    Dissertation Title : “Slavery, Empires and Diplomacy : France, Great-Britain and the United States in the Atlantic World, (c.1795-c.1815)”.
  • Paris Diderot University: 2012 – 2015
    MA, English and American studies (specialization: American Civilization), Summa Cum Laude.
    Thesis title: ‘The Revolution of Abolition: Empire, Slavery and Diplomacy in the Atlantic World, 1789-1795’  Supervision: Marie-Jeanne Rossignol (advisor)
  • Duke University, 2013-2014
    MA 2nd year, Romance Studies Department, Exchange study, Bilateral agreements Paris Diderot-Duke University.
  • Paris Diderot University: 2009 – 2012
    BA, Major History/Minor English (LLCE), Cum Laude.

      Conference Papers and Publications:

      • « ‘Why may not our country be enriched by that lucrative traffic?’: The slave trade and the failed politics of federal proscription in the early American Republic (1787-1808)», in XVII-XVIII, 77. [Online :]
      • « Was New Orleans Caribbean? », Books and Ideas , April 2020. [Book Review][]
      • « Esclavage et empires durant les guerres révolutionnaires : les mondes caribéens coloniaux à l’épreuve des ruptures d’empires (1794-1802) » in La France et les Amériques entre révolutions et nations, 1776-1865, (Summary of exchanges of a conference that took place at the Center of Diplomatic Archives in Nantes on November 30th 2017), Presses Universitaire de Rennes, to be published in Spring 2020.
      • James Alexander Dun, Dangerous Neighbors: Making the Haitian Revolution in Early America (2016) and Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Michael J.Drexler (eds.) The Haitian Revolution and the early United States (2016) in Comparativ, volume 29/1, 2019 pp.113-119. [Book review]
      • « Capitalism and Colonies: Jamaica and Saint-Domingue in the eighteenth century », Books § Ideas, May 2018. [Book review]