Bakshi Sandeep

Posted on August 27, 2019


Research themes

  • Decolonial and Postcolonial Studies
  • Decolonisation, especially epistemic decolonisation
  • Queer Theory and Queer of Colour Critique
  • Queer and Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures
  • South Asia and its diasporas


Research supervision

  • Postcolonial Cultures and Literatures
  • Queer Cultures and Literatures
  • Decolonial Studies and Decolonisation

Current Project

My ongoing research operates within the field of transnational decolonial queerness. Extending the analyses of decolonial praxes and politics to diasporic, postcolonial and queer literatures and cultures, I aim to contribute to emerging critiques of eurocentric queer articulations through the lens of decolonial studies.


I’m the Principal Investigator (France) of the France-Berkeley Fund grant (2022-2023). The project titled, “Transnational Archiving of Sexualities: Engaging Plural Pasts” foregrounds collective knowledge in the field of archiving. For more information, please see,

Education and Academic Positions:

  • I received my PhD titled “Back/Side Entry: Queer and Postcolonial Representations of South Asia” from the School of English, University of Leicester. Prior to holding various teaching positions in France (University of Le Havre and University Paris 8), I was employed as a Postdoctoral Fellow in English at the University of Leicester. I joined University Paris Cité (formerly Paris VII) as Associate Professor in 2018.
  • I held the position of Research Fellow, Institute Project on Decoloniality (2022) at the School of Social and Political Science of the Institute for the Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH), University of Edinburgh. See,


Administrative Responsibilities:

Selected Publications:

  •  Celebrating Revolutions: Notes on Queer of Colour Critique and Queerness in India. GRAAT On-Line 25, February 2022.
  • Towards the Unmaking of Canons: Decolonising the Study of Literature. In: Thomas, D.S.P., Arday, J. (eds) Doing Equity and Diversity for Success in Higher Education. Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.
  • Sandeep Bakshi, Emmanuelle Delanoë-Brun, Myriam Boussahba -Bravard (dir.) Qu’est-ce que l’intersectionnalité? Dominations plurielles : sexe, classe et race. Payot/Rivages, 2022, Petite bibliothèque Payot.
  • Sandeep Bakshi, Suhraiya Jivraj and Silvia Posocco, eds. Decolonial Trajectories: Praxes and Challenges. Special Issue Interventions 22.4 (2020).
  • The Decolonial Eye/I: Decolonial Enunciations of Queer Diasporic Practices. Interventions4 (2020): 533-551.
  • Sandeep Bakshi and Nishant Upadhyay, Translating Queer: Re-centring Caste, Decolonizing Praxis.” In Luise Von Flotow and Hala Kamal eds., Routledge Handbook of Translation: Feminism and Gender. London and New York: Routledge, 2020.
  • Bakshi, Sandeep, Suhraiya Jivraj and Silvia Posocco (eds) (2016) Decolonizing Sexualities: Transnational Perspectives, Critical Interventions. Oxford: Counterpress.
  • Decoloniality, Queerness, and Giddha. In Bakshi, S., S. Jivraj and S. Posocco (eds) (2016) Decolonizing Oxford: Counterpress. 81-99.


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