Embodied Sociabilities and Fashion: “A la mode. L’art de paraître au 18ème siècle”. Pascale Gorguet-Ballesteros (Palais Galliera) – Embodied Sociabilities Seminar

Posted on February 7, 2022

07 February 2022 - 17 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min

Pascale Gorguet-Ballesteros (Palais Galliera) and Adeline Collange-Perugi (Musée d’Arts de Nantes) will present the exhibition « A la mode. L’art de paraître au 18e siècle ».

The exhibition confronts the interactions between two phenomena, painting and fashion, through four different angles. The first explores fashion phenomena as they are painted by artists, emphasizing the issues of both social representations and plastic research. The second chapter shows how painters are actors of the “fashion fabric”, the ancestors of fashion designers. “Fantaisies d’artistes”, the third prism of the exhibition explores the links between imaginary painted worlds and pieces of clothes that have become iconic thanks to painters. Finally, “Pour une histoire du négligé-déshabillé”, gives a new perspective on the “négligé” trend, from nightgowns to men shirts, and from white lingerie dresses to straight women dresses at the end of the century. Whiteness and antique-like drapery inspire a innovative pictural research centered on light. 

Pascale Gorguet Ballesteros is chief curator at the Palais Galliera, fashion museum of the City of Paris, and professor at Sorbonne Université, art history and archeology department, where she teaches textile, clothes and fashion history. She is co-curator of the “A la mode” exhibition with Adeline Collange-Pérugi, heritage officer at the Musée d’arts de Nantes, in charge of ancient art collections.

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Embodied Sociabilities Seminar

The international project aims at materialising sociability and its practicises over the very long 18th century (c.1650-c.1850). It is born out of the happy conjunction of the Université de Rennes 2 (research unit Tempora) and the Université de Paris (research unit LARCA UMR 8225), two members of the GIS Acorso also became partners in  the GIS Sociabilités in the autumn of 2020, whilst Aurélie Chatenet Calyste (Rennes 2) is also part of the international research group on sociability at the Research Centre of the Château de Versailles (GIP CRCV) and the international project on “Shopping in 18th century Europe” and Ariane Fennetaux, as part of her ‘Global Matters Project’ has ongoing collaborative projects with the Centre for Global History of the University of Warwick (which as it happens is also a member of the two GIS : GIS Sociability and GIS Acorso) that focus on the global circulation of objects in the age of the first globalisation


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