Mise en ligne de Responsibility, Representation and Restrictions – York Festival of Ideas

Publié le 2 juillet 2021

Mise en ligne du panel discussion Responsibility, Representation and Restrictions exploring the ethics and importance of inclusivity in the modern world, avec Sandeep BAKSHI (LARCA) le 14 juin 2021.

The expert panellists discussed attempts to include women and people of colour in exhibitions and art institutions (such as universities, museums, galleries and public library collections) and whether this attempt is to revise and overwrite art history and the Western canon, or if it allows us to better reflect and consider the past and present roles of the marginalised within the context of arts institutions.

Most importantly, our speakers discussed the meaning and implications of inclusion, and whether art institutions are meeting the political and social obligations of the public’s demands to emphasise diversity and inclusion.

This event complements a new digital exhibition of women artists, Printed in Time, curated by University of York History of Art students.

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