“Penser les séries en pandémie”: Ariane Hudelet awarded an Emergence 2021 grant

Posted on January 3, 2022

Ariane Hudelet, professor at Université de Paris and member of the LARCA is awarded the Emergence en Recherche 2021, a Université de Paris starting grant providing seed money for her project « Penser les séries en pandémie » (PSP).

The “Penser les séries en pandémie” (PSP) project undertakes to observe and analyze the effects of the sanitary crisis on series in terms of production, representation and reception. It offers to question the reactive capacity of series – particularly due to their nature of works in-the-making, allowing to capture the uncertainty that pertains the period and therefore functionning as tools to help the audience understand the world. Yet, the project also gives space for the analysis of the critiques directed at series, which are major commercial products of the “attention economy” (économie de l’attention) (Citton), all the more so since the advent of the internet TV. The rising number of available series is also accused of contributing to the increasing polarization of western societies. The “PSP” project is therefore at the crossroads of media studies, visual culture studies, and global studies. Transnational and transcultural, series are a great tool to apprehend the evolutions of local and global, close and distant imaginaries in a crisis period within which concepts evolve.

The ambition of this project is notably to develop innovative research modes by exploring those phenomena and themes not only through traditional academic forms but also through video essays – a burgeoning form at transnational level that remains underdevelopped in French academic works.