Leadership and Uncertainty Management in Politics

Publié le 3 janvier 2015

Leaders, Followers and Constraints in Western Democracies

Vergniolle de Chantal François

Agnès Alexandre-Collier

Editeur : Palgrave Macmillan UK

Parution : 03/01/2015

Nombre de pages : 284

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Through a range of international case studies from the USA, UK, France, Germany and Italy, this text assesses the conditions necessary for effective leadership and emphasizes the part played by uncertainty and division amongst followers.

Alexandre-Collier, Agnès

  • Is Senatorial Leadership even possible? The Deadlock of the American Upper Chamber
    Chantal, François Vergniolle
  • The Office-Holder: John Boehner as Speaker of the US House of Representatives
    Meyer, Alix
  • Tony Blair’s Leadership Style in Foreign Policy: Hubris without Constraints
    Schnapper, Pauline
  • From Dewar to Salmond: The Scottish First Ministers and the Establishment of their Leadership
    Leydier, Gilles
  • Political leadership and the instrumentalization of the media: General de Gaulle between politics and the military (1958–1962)
    Heinemann, Julia
  • Silvio’s Party
    Bonnet, Nicolas
  • Leader of my Heart! Use of Twitter by Leaders’ Partners during Election Campaigns
    Frame, Alex (et al.)
  • Leadership and the European Debate from Margaret Thatcher to John Major
    Tournier-Sol, Karine
  • The Temptation of Populism in David Cameron’s Leadership Style
    Alexandre-Collier, Agnès
  • Leadership Elections and Democracy in the British Labour Party
    Avril, Emmanuelle
  • The (Seeming) Power of (Seemingly) Leaderless Organizations: The Tea Party Movement as a Case Study
    Godet, Aurélie
  • Petra Kelly: Charismatic Leadership in the German Peace Movement and Early Green Party
    Richter, Saskia
  • Erika Steinbach: The Last Charismatic Representative of the Expellees?
    Picard, Lionel
  • Edward Heath: The Failed Leadership of an Uninspiring Leader
    Langlois, Laetitia
  • When the President is not really the Boss: The Mysterious Case of Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Leadership
    Coste, Françoise

Alexandre-Collier, Agnès

  • “This collected edition brings together contributions from leading scholars in American, British, German, French and Italian politics to offer a fresh comparative perspective on the neglected question of leadership strategies. … it aims to go beyond traditional analyses of individual leaders by focusing on the specific institutional, cultural and political frameworks in which they operate. … a timely and valuable contribution to existing studies on leadership.”
    – Emma Bell, Cercles, cerceles.com, February, 2016
  • « This excellent volume provides fresh insights to fundamental and long-standing, but largely ignored, questions regarding the role of leadership in politics. By adopting a neo-institutional framework and a common focus on the management of contextual and social uncertainty, the rich and diverse set of comparative case studies offers a nuanced perspective on leadership that is valuable to any student of politics and policy. »
    – Gregory Wawro, Professor of Political Science, Columbia University, USA
  • « This wide-ranging volume begins the enormous – and enormously important – task of filling the gap between impressionistic leadership studies and the serious academic investigation of the politicians who are increasingly asserting the institutional powers and leveraging the charismatic opportunities of leadership. Broadly comparative, and combining case studies of both chief executives and legislative leaders, it is nonetheless united by clear themes, consistent categorizations, and systematic analysis that sheds new light on leadership. »
    – Thad Kousser, Professor of Political Science, University of California San Diego, USA