Advertising, Subjectivity and the Nineteenth-Century Novel

Publié le 8 avril 2009

Dickens, Balzac and the Language of the Walls

Thornton Sara

Editeur : Palgrave Macmillan

Parution : 08/04/2009

Nombre de pages : 214

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From 1830 to 1870 advertising brought in its wake a new understanding of how the subject read and how language operated. Sara Thornton presents a crucial moment in print culture, the early recognition of what we now call a ‘virtual’ world, and proposes new readings of key texts by Dickens and Balzac.

  • Introduction

  • The Language of the Walls: Spaces, Practices, Subjectivities

  • Reading the Dickens Advertiser: Merging Paratext and Novel

  • Balzac’s Revolution of Signs: Advertisement as Textual Practice

  • Conclusion

‘Thornton has a real gift for detailed, nuanced textual analyses. Shae also shows an impressive ability to draw upon a variety of critical and social theoriests, rangingb from Freud and Benjamin to Agamben and Butler, to add conceptual depth without diverting the argument in tangential or otherwise unproductive directions.’

– Nicholas Mason, Associate Professor of English, Brigham Young University, USA, New Books Online 19