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Posted on August 28, 2019

Gender Studies Working Group was established to bring together faculty members and doctoral students of LARCA (Research Laboratory for Anglophone Cultures) at Anglophone Studies Department of Université Paris Diderot.

Gender Studies does not constitute a discipline, but rather it is operationalized with gender as a category. With the insertion of this tool in various disciplinary research methods such as history, political science, literature, and visual studies, the objects of study are multiplied. This category of analysis permits scrutinizing the relations not only between men and women, but also between men and between women. In this way, the problematics of gender determine the objects of study in an interpersonal and collective dynamic, which supplements the potential research both by defining new objects and/or by extending the approach adopted in the first place. Gender Studies thus enables exploring new thematical areas such as masculinities, sexualities and sexual orientations as well as “the women” beyond a simple sexuation of research themes.

This working group was established to correspond to the demands and interests of the faculty members and doctoral students of LARCA from different working groups (histoire du politique, frontières du littéraire, arts et culture visuelles, renaissance et reforme) who have been assembling since 2015 as Larca Gender Studies Group. Confirming the interest of the doctoral students for the problematics of gender and showing the necessity of carrying out projects based on a Gender Studies Working Group, in 2016 the Group expanded to include colleagues with specific demands related to their personal research projects. This future task is seen as cross-disciplinary or inter-working-group, as all the interested people are already part of a working group. 20 people (16 faculty members and 4 doctoral students and Post-Docs) are directly involved in the Larca Gender Studies Working Group. Apart from these, 6 people wish to be kept informed about our work without participating for the moment.

The seminar program and further information about the Gender research group is available here.

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