LARCA-Wide Seminar: November 29th, 2021

Posted on November 2, 2021


The LARCA-Wide Seminar, open to all, is about :

Indentured Students

How Government-Guaranteed Loans Left Generations Drowning in College Debt

(Harvard University Press, 2021)

By Elizabeth Tandy Shermer (Loyola University Chicago)


Discussion by Laura CARTER (LARCA) & Esther CYNA (U. Sorbonne Nouvelle)




The untold history of how America’s student-loan program turned the pursuit of higher education into a pathway to poverty.

It didn’t always take thirty years to pay off the cost of a bachelor’s degree. Elizabeth Tandy Shermer untangles the history that brought us here and discovers that the story of skyrocketing college debt is not merely one of good intentions gone wrong. In fact, the federal student loan program was never supposed to make college affordable.

Today 45 million Americans owe more than $1.5 trillion in college debt, with the burdens falling disproportionately on borrowers of color, particularly women. Reformers, meanwhile, have been frustrated by colleges and lenders too rich and powerful to contain. Indentured Students makes clear that these are not unforeseen consequences. The federal student loan system is working as designed.

(Harvard University Press)

Indentured Students — Elizabeth Tandy Shermer | Harvard University Press



Organizers: Jean-Christian Vinel : & Sylvain-Karl Gosselet :

Monday, november 29th, 2021

 5 PM – 7 PM (CET)

Online conference 

Zoom link :

ID  :  811 3573 7852