Conference ‘Love and Lenses: Photographic Couples, Gender Relationships, and Transatlantic Networks in the Long Nineteenth Century’

Posted on October 4, 2023

Convened by Emily Brady (Rothermere American Institute) & Martyna Zielinska (Université Paris Cité/MFO).

The Maison Française d’Oxford and the Rothermere American Institute are delighted to welcome the conference ‘Love and Lenses: Photographic Couples, Gender Relationships, and Transatlantic Networks in the Long Nineteenth Century.’ This conference is being organised by Dr. Emily Brady (Broadbent Junior Research Fellow, Rothermere American Institute) and Martyna Zielinska (DPhil, Université de Paris Cité, LARCA).

The event will take place at the Maison Française on the 12th, and at the Rothermere American Institute on the 13th.

Please download the programme here.

Day 1 – Thursday 12th of October 2023 – Maison Française d’Oxford 

12:00    Registration (Lunch provided)

13:15-13:30    Welcome Remarks

13:30-15:30    Panel 1 – Variations on the Photographic ‘Couple’
•    Suryanandini Narain (Jawaharlal Nehru University): ‘Portraits of conjugality: conventions and conjectures in 19th century Indian studio photographs’
•    Michaël Roy (Université Paris Nanterre / Institut Universitaire de France): ‘The Nineteenth Century’s Most Photographed American and His Daughter: Love, Childhood and Activism in the Douglass Family’
•    Damian Maher (University of Oxford): ‘Imitating Intimacy in Henry James’s “The Real Thing”’

15:30-16:00    Break

16:00-17:30    Keynote Address – Dr Carolin Görgen (Online)
‘’I know what I’m doing’ – Female Empowerment and Gendered Ideas of Photography in the Transatlantic Camera Club Network’

17:30-18:30    Wine Reception


Day 2 – Friday 13th of October 2023 – Rothermere American Institute

09:30    Coffee and Welcome

10:00-11:30    Panel 2 – Collaborations, feelings and a sense of a “photographic mission”
•    Deborah Ireland: ‘Professor Charles Piazzi Smyth and Jessica Piazzi Smyth: a partnership of ceaseless endeavour’
•    Lauren Pankin (LARCA, Université Paris Cité): ‘The Photographer and the Bard: The Construction of the Breton Home(land) and the Partnership of Emile Hamonic and Theodore Botrel, 1898-1914’
•    Helen Lewandowski (Royal Collection Trust): ‘The Connaughts and the Camera’

11:30-11:45    Break

11:45-13:15    Panel 3 – Partners / Intimate ties in life and photographic business
•    James Opp (Carleton University): ‘Entanglements and Exposures: Ernest Brown, Gladys Reeves, and photography’s terrain of respectability’
•    Rose Teanby (De Montfort University): ‘Invisible Wives: Marriage and Professional Photography through the lens of the 1861 England and Wales census’
•    Michael Pritchard (Royal Photographic Society): ‘Photography’s sole traders, partnerships and the limited company: how familial and business relationships evolved in the wider photographic industry 1840-1945’

13:15-14:00    Lunch 

14:00-15:30    Panel 4 – Conventions and Subversion in Photography
•    Lewis Defrates (University of Cambridge): ‘’Merrily Yours’: Marshall P. Wilder Returns the Gaze’
•    Kris Belden-Adams (University of Memphis): ‘‘Realizing’ LGBTQIA+ Relationships and Homosociality in Victorian-Era College Composite Photographs’
•    Kristin Aasbø (Preus Museum): ‘Like a Whirlwind – Berg&Høeg and their photographic self-representation’

15:30-16:00    Break

16:00-17:30    Keynote Address 2 – Professor Elizabeth Edwards
‘Bonds, Attachments and Networks: photographies of connection.’

17:30-18:30    Drinks Reception