Rigaud Antonia – Research Fellow 2020-2021

Posted on January 25, 2021


Research themes

  • American literature
  • American art
  • Performance art, performance studies
  • History of ideas

Current Project

My research looks at the notion of radicality in American art and literature and centers around the connections between the avant-garde and tradition as well as between politics and aesthetics.

I am currently working on a book focusing on the links between aesthetic and political radical gestures in experimental art from the USA in the 20th and 21st centuries. The book explores the logic of radicality, construing the avant-garde tradition as one built on successive waves of criticism and revisions, as the blind spots of previous radical enterprises are brought into view and in particular in areas of identity, race or gender. This research seeks to bring forward the encounters between creation and theory and aesthetics and politics. It looks in particular at the essential influence of pragmatism and its assertion that art is grounded in experience as a foundational notion in American art.

Education and Academic Positions:

  • 1996, Agrégation d’anglais
  • 2000, Ph.D., Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. Dissertation title : Utopian Practices : Study on the Art of John Cage
  • 2000-2004, Associate Professor, Université de Strasbourg
  • 2004-present, Associate Professor, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • 2013-2017, Higher Education Attachée, Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Los Angeles


Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Since 2020, member of the Conseil National des Universités
  • Since 2019, Secretary general, MICEFA (Mission interuniversitaire de coordination des échanges interuniversitaires).

      Selected Publications: 

      • John Cage Théoricien de l’utopie. Paris : L’Harmattan. Collection Ouverture Philosophique, 2006.
      • An Introduction to Anglophone Theatre. Antonia Rigaud et Françoise Palleau-Papin (dir.). Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2015     



      • « L’esthétique du déchet chez Joseph Cornell » en ligne, Interfaces, 43/2020.
      • “Chris Kraus’ Auto-fictional Strategies of Failure”, Revue française d’études américaines, 2/2020, pp 46-58
      • Susan Sontag et l’avant-garde: une voix radicale?” in Visibilité et invisibilité des savoirs des femmes sous la direction de Claire Delahaye, Isabelle Mornant et Caroline Trotot, collection “Savoirs en texte”, laboratoire LISAAA, Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée 2020. 
      • « A Phosphorous History: William Carlos Williams’ In the American Grain » [En ligne]. European Journal of American Studies11-1 | 2016
      • « Les Europeras de John Cage : de l’opéra au cirque ». [En ligne]. Sillages critiques, 18 | 2014. Également paru dans Études Anglaises. Janvier-Mars 2015. N°68/1.