Giudicelli Xavier – Visiting Research Fellow 2022-2023

Posted on October 4, 2022


Research themes

  • British Literature, nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries

  • Intermedial studies, illustration studies

  • Fin-de-siècle art and literature

  • Rewriting, adaptation and reinterpretation of nineteenth-century literature in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries

  • Translation and cultural transfers


Current Project

I am currently working on a monograph provisionally entitled Foreign Cultures and Sexual Dissidence: English and its Doubles from Wilde to Hollinghurst. The aim of this book is to interrogate the relationship between sexual identities and the relationship to foreign language. It is based on the study of a corpus of literary texts by English-speaking authors, covering a period from the end of the nineteenth to the end of the twentieth centuries.

At the intersection between literary studies, gender studies and translation studies, this monograph seeks to examine the phenomena of cultural transfers, plurilingualism and polyglossia in English-language literary texts in order to evaluate the scope and significance of those phenomena.

The aim is to show that we are witnessing the creation of a “minor” language, a form of “deterritorialization” of English, a dynamic process which Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari describe through the image of the wasp and the orchid: “It is in this way also that the orchid seems to reproduce an image of a bee but in a deeper way deterritorializes itself into it, at the same time that the bee in turn deterritorializes by joining with the orchid” (Kafka: Towards a Minor Literature): it is a history of linguistic hybridisations and metamorphoses that I aim to trace.

  • 1994-2001: Student of École normale supérieure de Fontenay-St-Cloud
  • 1997: Agrégation in English
  • 2006: PhD, université Paris-Sorbonne : Oscar Wilde et les paradoxes de la représentation : étude des éditions illustrées de The Picture of Dorian Gray, under the supervision of Pascal Aquien.
  • 2007-: Associate Professor, English department, université de Reims


Administrative Responsibilities:

      Selected Publications :

      • The Invention of Love/L’Invention de l’amour, introduction et traduction Marianne Drugeon et Xavier Giudicelli, Toulouse, Presses universitaires du Midi, coll. « Nouvelles scènes-anglais », 2022.
      • L’Esthétisme britannique 1860-1900 : peinture, littérature, critique d’art, ouvrage co-dirigé avec Anne-Florence Gillard-Estrada (choix de textes d’époque dans des traductions originales et annotées, et 4 études critiques), Reims, ÉPURE, coll. « Héritages critiques », 2020.
      • « Intermedial Cityscapes: Re-imagining Gay London in Scott Lyman’s Folly/Monument; Excerpts from Alan Hollinghurst’s The Swimming-Pool Library (2014) », Polysèmes [En ligne], 22 | 2019, mis en ligne le 20 décembre 2019, consulté le 22 décembre 2019. URL :
      • « Creative Criticism/Critical Creation: E. M. Forster and Alan Hollinghurst », E. M. Forster’s legacies in British Fiction. Only Connect, ed. Elsa Cavalié et Laurent Mellet, Bern, Peter Lang, 2017, p. 291-306.
      • Portraits de Dorian Gray : le texte, le livre, l’image, Paris, PUPS, coll. « Histoire de l’imprimé », 2016.


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