Valuing Nature – Workshop II – Paris 13-14 September

Publié le 1 septembre 2022

The workshop for the KCL/UPC « Valuing Nature » project is taking place in Paris 13-14 September (in various locations, check the programme to learn more…)

If you would like to join us for all or part of the event, please could you fill out this (short) Google Form by Friday 2 September at 17h. This will allow us to ensure we have enough catering provision, are meeting room capacities, and be aware of any dietary requirements.


Valuing Nature Project

Histories of everyday engagement with the environment in France, Britain, and their Empires, 1600-present.

How has the natural world been valued, and how have different types of engagement with nature and environment been valued?

Previous studies have focused largely on the intellectual history of the natural sciences, and how concepts like ‘the environment’ and ‘biodiversity’ were defined by scholars before trickling down to various publics. By contrast, Valuing Nature will adopt a bottom-up approach. Focusing on France, Britain, and their empires, we will consider how practical engagement with plants, animals, landscapes, seascapes, natural materials and climate have been crucial to changing understandings and valuations of the natural world. We will centre on everyday engagements with nature, whether by taxidermists, craftsmen, educators, amateur botanists, or Indigenous people. Our aim is to broaden understandings of the actors involved in the growth of environmental consciousness, while thinking about how different skills and forms of knowledge have been variously valued, shaping epistemological hierarchies to this day.

This cross-disciplinary project will connect expertise at Université de Paris and Kings College London, fostering innovative research links between scholars in the humanities and sciences, as well as museums in both cities.